Next Big Thing In The Mortgage Industry

A man is handing keys to another person.

The Future of the Mortgage Industry Will Be Radically Undergoing Change The next big thing in the mortgage industry will be a dramatic change.  Indeed, years have passed, and many changes have come to pass.  Undoubtedly, the Crash of 2007-’08 has catapulted banks and mortgage companies into a new round of regulation.  However, a new…

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Selling Referral Process: Part of Referral Marketing

A man in a suit and tie holding a business card.

Selling Referral Process: Part of Referral Marketing It’s not simply good enough to give a third party the name and contact information of a person and call it a referral.  Doing so, this activity is more like information brokerage or database selling than referral marketing.  What’s the difference?  There’s a “sales pitch” that’s part of…

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