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How Does Your Credit Repair Company Compare? Consider This...

    • HSH is NOT a lender or credit repair organization - Instead financial and credit experts use an educational based approach so customers don't repeat the same mistakes.
    • HSH uses a SUPERIOR system versus the typical run-of-the-mill credit repair company.
    • Our Home Ownership Program helps your clients get loan-ready and SAVE big money by avoiding long wait times and excessive fees (Set up fee, Monthly fee, Per item fee).
    • HSH has no monthly fees. Close loans/contracts up to 4X FASTER!
    • Does your credit repair provider refer you loan-ready customers?
    • Is your credit repair provider willing to pay for free advertising to benefit your business?
    • Does your credit repair provider offer a side opportunity to earn RESIDUAL INCOME?

Important Note: Our staff is mostly made up of ex loan officers, realtors and credit experts. We do not charge monthly fees like nearly everyone else does. This delays the process tremendously and costs the customer much more money. So our message is simple: SPEED, RESULTS, REFERRALS! We get customers loan-ready much faster (30-90 days) in most cases. When was the last time your credit repair company referred you a loan-ready customer? We do business in all 50 states and have an A+ rating.

Don't Work For Free. There is a better way!

Important Note: Are you working on your customers credit for free? Are you using an obsolete credit repair company? Is the owner paying a staff? Paying a staff cuts into the owners' profits. NOTHING IS FREE. Someone is paying! Your time is way too valuable! Your focus should always be on closing more loans/contracts. What makes more sense is having the customer pay for their own mistakes that brought them where they are today. If people don't pay, they just don't value it!

Hiring HSH is the most cost-effective way to get the best results. When was the last time your credit repair company sent you a loan-ready referral that didn't come from you?

Any customers HSH gets from our own marketing efforts who wants housing but cannot qualify for financing will be put into the Home Ownership Program. Once they are loan-ready, borrowers will be sent to our Network Members directly. So our Network Members win TWICE! They are able to help their own customers by referring them to HSH and also receive new referrals from HSH. You can register free to become a Network Member below!

Home Ownership Program Benefits: In general, our team of experts helps overcome credit problems and other issues causing a mortgage loan to be declined. For example, we mitigate collections, charge off accounts, down payment, ID theft, tax liens, or whatever is preventing them from getting loan approval. Assuredly, we return network member referrals once they are "LOAN-READY". Our Network Members enjoy closing more loans and real estate contracts using this brilliant strategic alliance.

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