Agents & Loan Officers Close More Volume via Our Referral Exchange Network!

This is a USA NATIONWIDE network. There is NO-COST to register and no ongoing cost.

Why Do Agents & Loan Officers Choose Home Sweet Home to Close MORE Transaction Volume?

    • Speed. Clients can be loan-ready in as little as 30-90 days. Individual cases vary.
    • Former loan officers who have a combined 50+ years of lending experience. Knowledge of home loan underwriting gives them a competitive edge.
    • 50+ combined years of financial advising and credit planning experience. Timely advice and education for referred clients are key to success so as to avoid repeating past mistakes.
    • Clients may opt to pay a FLAT FEE or make installments and are NEVER trapped into paying month-to-month service fees, setup fees, per-item fees, etc.
    • Advertising Benefit (worth thousands) is available to agents and loan officers who actively refer and SIGN UP clients to Home Sweet Home's website on a regular basis. WE ADVERTISE ON YOUR BEHALF!
    • Team Up System available to both agents and loan officers to close more volume - office-with-office and nationwide.

Dare to Compare! The Best Home Loan Qualification Service in the USA

The flyer (BELOW) clearly demonstrates why Home Sweet Home's Home Ownership Program works. It's about financial advising AND credit planning. It's also about referral networking with real estate agents and loan officers to close AND generate new business on a regular basis.

Making a Referral Exchange Network Successful

A successful referral network is about sending and receiving WELL-INFORMED and PRE-SOLD referrals. It's super important to make sure referrals know who we are and what we do. It's up to you to INFORM the referral! Here are some important facts as to why it's important to PRE-SELL your referrals BEFORE you send them to Home Sweet Home:

  • Referred people are 4X more likely to buy when referred by a friend or professional they trust.
  • 92% of respondents trusted referrals from the people they know.
  • 82% of consumers seek referrals from people they know.
  • Referrals who are NOT informed and pre-sold by the sender as to why they are being referred to a 3rd party service provider NEVER buys.

Here are some other amazing facts about how referrals can work to an agent's or loan officer's advantage:

We Show Our Network Members How to CLOSE MORE Volume than EVER - It's All About COMMUNICATION!

A SUCCESSFUL referral exchange network is based on COMMUNICATION - returning calls, emails and text messages. It's common courtesy and professionalism. A referral exchange network cannot be successful without sound, and constant communication.

This means that when a member of our referral network sends a message to Home Sweet Home, WE WILL ANSWER (given a certain amount of time). Also, we need responses and feedback from our referral network members! We NEED to communicate so we can grow TOGETHER as a networking team.

Members who don't communicate or return messages risk losing their Network Member standing and the Advertising Benefit (worth several thousands of dollars).


HSH Referral Exchange Network Enrollment Form (NO-COST Sign Up)

As a Network Member of Home Sweet Home's Referral Exchange Network, our purpose is to help our agents and loan officers CLOSE MORE transactions and earn MORE commissions. As an actively communicating and referring Member, you can close even more business via our unique Team Up Strategy and our Advertising Benefit Program (whereby Home Sweet Home funds the advertising benefit at no-cost to our Members as a "Thank You' for doing business with Home Sweet Home).

    *Members who do not communicate with Home Sweet Home or referral parties risk having their membership CANCELLED.
  • Mark N/A if you are enrolling as a loan officer. Real estate agent registrations which do not include a loan officer referral will fall under "PENDING APPROVAL" status until such time we have the agent's loan officer referral.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.