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The Home Ownership Program

We Help Borrowers Get Loan-Ready!

Our Home Ownership Program is superior to anything in the industry. Here are a few examples why:

  • HSH is NOT a credit repair or debt settlement organization. We are a loan preparation company with financial, credit, lending and real estate experience which makes us unique and far superior to our competitors. We offer a true Home Ownership Program to educate buyers and help them become loan-ready.
  • Improving credit is just one element of becoming loan-ready. Working with HSH ensures you will be helped in all the necessary areas. This is typically where most credit repair companies fall short.
  • No Monthly Fees!
  • Speed. Clients can be loan-ready in as little as 30-90 days. Individual cases vary.
  • Our Financial Advisers have 50+ years of collective experience in credit, real estate, mortgage lending & problem solving. Our Program is clearly a better option versus using slow, obsolete competitors who lack this important experience.
  • Our program is educational based, so mistakes are not repeated.
  • HSH does business in all 50 states & has an A+ rating.
  • HSH offers a free online portal to track your progress in REAL TIME.
  • See the Dare to Compare chart for overwhelming evidence we are the industry leader in this niche area.

Home Sweet Home vs Traditional Credit Repair

Traditional Credit Repair Problems

Credit repair companies often create conflicts with the credit bureaus. This normally results with slow, minimal or even no positive impact for their customer's credit.

  1. Most credit repair companies teach borrowers nothing about credit.
  2. Most credit repair companies use an outdated "old school" system whereas their techniques have become obsolete. In many cases, borrower credit is damaged more so.
  3. Most credit repair companies are slow. When customers are paying monthly, there is no motivation to work fast.
  4. Most credit repair programs are expensive. On the whole charges include multiple sets of fees, such as set up; per-item; monthly, etc. Costs can run into the thousands.
  5. Most credit repair company management staff have NO industry experience in lending, real estate, or credit underwriting related to mortgage loans.
  6. Many credit repair companies have poor reputations.

Home Sweet Home Loan Preparation Strategies - A Far Better Approach

  1. Home Sweet Home offers financial and credit planning services to improve our client's financial standing. Our service, the Home Ownership Program is an advice-based, educational approach. We do not make disputes on the customer's behalf. Basically, this empowers borrowers to succeed in managing their own finances. This makes Home loan qualification very realistic.
  2. Home Sweet Home offers affordable pricing including payments options. We also offer a Financial Prosperity Support Service Subscription giving our clients access to ongoing financial and credit planning advice.
  3. Home Sweet Home educates our clients on earning extra income (if needed). Increased income helps with how much house you can afford.

A Superior Home Loan Preparation Program

After going through our program, many of our customers end up being a good fit for an FHA loan. We can show you how to meet FHA home loan requirements. FHA loans are very popular first-time home buyer loans. You may ask, "How much can I borrow for a mortgage based on my income?" For the most part, 33% of gross income is a good rule. Here are 2 good tools you can use. loan prequalification calculator and mortgage loan calculator.

Another common question is, "How much do you have to make to qualify for a mortgage?" This also depends on the price of the housing where you want to live & your income. Ideally, your income should be 3 times monthly what your house payment would be, and Mortgage rates matter as well. Finally, income can impact your first-time home buyer loan options.

Home Sweet Homes also offers consultation on earning extra income - especially to clients seeking housing in more expensive areas and better school districts.

Home Loan Preparation Timeline

In the final analysis, it takes time to loan-qualify. Normally it can take as little as 30 - 90 days but could take longer depending on how damaged the credit is. Also, time needed to establish credit matters. Many loan programs require 12 months of current trade lines. By and large, late payments are a no-no. Rapid re-scoring can also be used by loan officers to speed up approval. However, normally this is only exercised if there are just a minimal number of credit issues. Sign up TODAY for the Home Ownership Program and start the process of owning your own home! Don't delay!

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