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Why Choose the Home Ownership Program?

  • The staff at Home Sweet Home is comprised of experienced former mortgage loan officers and UNDERWRITERS. This is particularly important with regard to credit use ("CU") and Debt-to-Income ("DTI") ratio management. Front-end, as well as Back-end ratios, are also evaluated. In other words, we know how to get borrowers approved for home loan financing.
  • Management also has a background in real estate brokerage and understands the issues that can arise during purchasing real property. Lastly, we have experienced credit analysts on staff.
  • Our program is primarily a comprehensive focus on financial and credit planning as well as advising. We do not make disputes on behalf of our clients. However, we will share important information and financial recommendations with regard to reaching a better, more improved level of credit.
  • Speed. Clients can be loan-ready in as little as 30-90 days. Individual cases vary.
  • Home Sweet Home does business in 50 states & has an A+ rating.
  • Clients can track their progress and communications via an online portal in REAL TIME.

Get APPROVED for Home Loan Financing

A Home Loan Preparation Program Making Homeownership A Reality

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Home Sweet Home staff focuses on the ENTIRE overall picture, not just the credit report. We advise our clients where the weaknesses are as it concerns to getting approved for a home loan. The credit report is ONLY one of many aspects of securing a home loan.

Additionally, we will evaluate tax filings, employment (as well as history), savings, and other issues as they pertain to securing home loan financing.

As needed, we will make recommendations, share information, and draw on feedback from your loan officer and real estate agent as we proceed forward. There may also be legal and ID theft issues we may need to address as well.

Once we have successfully resolved all the roadblocks to obtaining home loan financing, we will return you back to your referring loan officer and/or agent to close your real estate transaction.

Basic Information on Getting Ready to Buy Your Home

After going through our program, many of our customers end up being a good fit for an FHA loan. We can show you how to meet FHA home loan requirements. FHA loans are very popular first-time home buyer loans. You may ask, "How much can I borrow for a mortgage based on my income?" For the most part, 33% of gross income is a good rule. Here are 2 good tools you can use. loan prequalification calculator and mortgage loan calculator.

Another common question is, "How much do you have to make to qualify for a mortgage?" This also depends on the price of the housing where you want to live & your income. Ideally, your income should be 3 times monthly what your house payment would be, and Mortgage rates matter as well. Finally, income can impact your first-time home buyer loan options.

Home Sweet Homes also offers consultation on earning extra income - especially to clients seeking housing in more expensive areas and better school districts.

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