Who We Are & What We Do

HSH is NOT a credit repair or debt settlement organization. We are a loan preparation company with financial, credit, lending and real estate experience which makes us unique and far superior to our competitors. We offer a Home Ownership Program to educate buyers and help them become loan-ready. This normally means focusing on resolving issues that block approvals. Our team has 50+ years of combined experience in financial advising, credit, mortgage lending and real estate. Improving credit is just one element of becoming loan-ready. Working with HSH ensures you will be helped in all the necessary areas. This is typically where most credit repair companies fall short.

Former Loan Officers & Real Estate Professionals - Experience Matters

Our staff is made up of former experienced loan officers, credit experts, financial advisors and real estate professionals. Again, Home Sweet Home staff has many years of financial, credit, lending and real estate experience. Most of our competitors have ZERO or limited experience in any of these fields.

More About Our Program

The Home Ownership Program helps with loan approval. Ultimately, it allows clients to qualify for home loan financing. And, you'll be able to work with a qualified mortgage counselor in our Network of Loan Officers. Our specialized housing counselors will help borrowers every step of the way. In any event, we will make every effort help you get loan-ready. Additionally, we will show you how to increase credit scores quickly.

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Our consulting is different from credit repair companies. Home Sweet Home offers SO MUCH MORE service and strategy than the competition:

Even More Power Points

Unlike the competition, our professionals assist with re-establishment and credit builder cards which are available on our website. Most credit repair companies don't even mention this extremely important area of improving your credit.

Testimonials (Here are just a few of many)

"Thank you so much for your great work that put us in our dream home. We were referred by a friend who told us HSH was awesome and can help us improve our credit so we could buy our own home. I told my friend, there is no way anyone can help us, our credit is terrible, we lost hope on ever owning our own home. We gave up 10 years ago. My friend was persistent that we trust HSH and give them a chance. In just 3 short months, they were able to help us get approved for a mortgage loan. HSH even connected us to a fabulous realtor and loan officer which helped us find and close on our dream home. We are so grateful for HSH and can't thank them enough." - Elston T.

"I was referred to HSH by my loan officer who had just recently turned me down for a mortgage loan. I was so frustrated because I desperately needed to get my own place, as I was overpaying for a rental. I was so tired of wasting my money on renting. I want to thank my loan officer and HSH for helping me get approved for a mortgage loan so quickly. I was floored when HSH was able to help me get me loan-ready in just 33 days. I went back to my loan officer and was able to get approved for a low interest rate FHA loan with just 3% down. I am so thankful for the advice of my loan officer and HSH, they were so professional and really knew their stuff. I will send them referrals every chance I get." - Dennis S.

"My Home Sweet Home Representative helped me when my medical records were stolen and used in a case where the perpetrator got a surgery in my name. We used special documentation and submitted it to the medical provider's firm. The matter was resolved in my favor saving me $2,200. Home Sweet Home was really amazing." - John T.

"My representative helped me a lot. I had a legal issue I needed to resolve and he helped me restore my credit to the level I could secure a personal line of credit to pay my attorney. His help and advice also lead me to the point where I could buy a newer car and a home on FHA financing. The work they do is incredible to say the least." - Michelle M.

"Just wanted to let you know about the homebuyers workshop. I have already attended the workshop through St. Ambrose, my case manager name is Jacqueline. I don't have to redo the workshop. At this point I just get pre-approved and she will give me my voucher certificate. I can get help with closing costs and down payment." - LaRaye

"This really does work! I had a cell phone account opened in my name without me knowing about it. Obviously, it was a case of identity theft. The representative advised me financially on the matter and it paid off for me. He even recommended speaking to an attorney to get advice on my legal rights. What's more, he gave me some great advice on reducing my credit use ratios (which also lowed my overall debt-to-income ratio). In turn, my score increased over 100 points within a 60-day time period." - Mike H.

"My real estate agent didn't think they could get me into a house with a special affidavit. IT WORKED!" - Stacy P.

"My financial adviser helped me settle a debt using a check with a restrictive endorsement and a good faith settlement offer with a deletion clause. It worked and I saved a fortune!" - Mark