Next Big Thing In The Mortgage Industry

The Future of the Mortgage Industry Will Be Radically Undergoing Change

The next big thing in the mortgage industry will be a dramatic change. Indeed, years have passed, and many changes have come to pass. Undoubtedly, the Crash of 2007-’08 has catapulted banks and mortgage companies into a new round of regulation. However, a new change is again emerging on the horizon. In fact, this change will tilt the mortgage playing field in a more favorable direction.

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The 100,000,000 Underserved Americans With Low Credit Scores

Well, well, well, that’s all about to change. Certainly, for years, mortgage brokers have been fighting over borrowers with prime credit scoring. Surely, this part of the population with lower scores has been largely ignored. Unjustly so? Definitely so. Ultimately, many of these people have the supporting incomes to afford housing. Truly, even as home prices have risen significantly over the past few years. This is not the end of the story. Sometimes it takes an unusual approach to change things.

Helping More Borrowers Prepare and Qualify for Home Loan Financing Is A Major Concern for Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents

Surely, credit repair companies have a rotten reputation. Definitely, such organizations overcharge and deliver little or no results. Indeed, there are more fees than consulting, education, advice, or credit re-establishment procedures in place. There can be no mistake. The mortgage and real estate industries have become disgusted with this industry on the whole. Who can blame these professionals? Not to mention, many credit repair customers who are referred by mortgage brokers and agents are forever trapped into paying fees. In some cases, this can go on for months or even years with no end in sight. Finally, these professionals hardly ever see their referrals returned in order to close a transaction. Unfortunately, no referrals are even traded in the vast majority of cases between credit repair companies and mortgage or real estate pros.

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A New Concept In Preparing Borrower-Buyers for Home Loan Financing Is the Next Big Thing In The Mortgage Industry

Absolutely, there is a bit of a crisis in the mortgage industry now. With interest rates having been so low for so long, homeowners have decided not to sell their homes. As the housing supply dried up, prices rose substantially. Furthermore, so much refinancing has taken place, rates can’t go any lower. So, this has locked up BOTH the refinancing and purchase markets for the foreseeable future. Is the mortgage business in trouble? Yes, and as a result, many mortgage companies have gone out of business.

Home Sweet Home ( (“HSH”) specialized in helping borrowers prepare and qualify for home loan financing. Differentially speaking, HSH is a Financial, Credit Planning, and Advice firm seeking to change the way the mortgage industry is working. Fortunately, this company is owned and operated by former mortgage loan officers and a real estate broker. But, this isn’t all. These professionals have several years of financial planning as well. As they see it, borrowing to own a home isn’t everything. Certainly, it’s part of the overall financial picture. Simply put, these professionals are financial planners and advisers.

Home Sweet Home Has a Strong Understanding of Home Loan Qualification Loan Parameters, Credit, and Underwriting

Unlike many credit repair companies, the professionals of Home Sweet Home seek to help many borrowers qualify for home ownership. Truly, most credit repair companies don’t have ANY lending professionals on staff. Whereas, Home Sweet Home does. That’s the biggest difference in helping borrowers prepare and qualify for home loan financing. An understanding of credit problems such as debt-to-income ratio (“DTI”) and credit use ratio (“CUR”) are key considerations. Also, understanding DU, DO, and LP software underwriting is a major help as well. Finding and curing credit report problems such as collections, charge-offs, judgments, tax liens, ID theft and more is key as well. Not to mention, it’s the combination of this understanding combined with advice, financial counsel, and education that makes the difference in loan approval.

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Next Big Thing In the Mortgage Industry: The Real Estate Referral Exchange Network – Designed to Help Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents MAX Referral Volume

Lastly, and most importantly, Home Sweet Home has designed a Real Estate Referral Exchange Network for mortgage loan officers and real estate agents. Fortunately, this network was designed to help these professionals:

  • Network Members can maximize their referral volume and closing rates (especially by getting their other mortgage and real estate agent contacts involved.
  • Help borrowers close in as little as 30 – 90 days (in most cases – but cases do vary depending on circumstances)
  • One-time set fee for referred clients ($599 – payments are available)
  • Borrowers get a FREE, Upfront Financial Credit Analysis Report (prior to payment)
  • NO COST to Network Members to join the network
  • NO COST to Network Members to buy anything from Home Sweet Home
  • Once loan-ready, referred clients are guaranteed to be returned to the Network Member to close a mortgage transaction/real estate contract

CLICK THE LINK TO JOIN the Referral Exchange Network TODAY: