I have bad credit. How can the Home Ownership Program help me get a house?

If you have damaged credit, we recommend you enroll in the Home Ownership Program immediately. Why? Try searching for housing with bad credit. Invariably, each and every application will be denied - repeatedly. In fact, the average credit and background check costs about $100 per application submitted. On average, an applicant can easily spend (waste) in excess of $700 with NO HOME insight.

Finally, persons with bad credit usually must pay heavy "risk premiums". Normally, these include much higher rent payments and hundreds (if not thousands) in additional move-in costs or down payment funds.

With the Home Ownership Program, (in many cases) we guide renters and buyers to loan-ready status. In the best case scenario, our program may be able to add 50, 100, even 150 points to a credit report score within 30 days. Of course, individual results apply.

Some of the score movement may be manipulated simply by adjusting balances. In other cases, disputing derogatory, disputed, inaccurate or obsolete information may result in erasure of negative credit information pursuant to the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.