I have a bankruptcy. How can the Home Ownership Program help me?

There are cases where bankruptcy makes sense. Such reasons include bad health, the loss of a breadwinner or disability, saving a house from foreclosure or extreme amount of debt.

No doubt, bankruptcy can and does wreak havoc with acquiring housing. Meeting with an Home Sweet Home professional is a must to get proper financial and housing advice prior, during, and after a bankruptcy filing.

Many times, information reporting in relation to a bankruptcy may be reporting in error and Home Sweet Home can assist in helping the client rectify those issues.

Overall, some lenders have certain restrictions on bankruptcy.

Not to worry, we can explain and assist with regard to the lending process and the requirements lenders have regarding bankruptcy.

Home Sweet Home does not give legal advice. If you have questions about your rights under the law, please contact your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, please let your Home Sweet Home Representative know. If you have already filed bankruptcy and have questions about your bankruptcy or need a copy of the bankruptcy petition, consult with your bankruptcy counselor who filed the petition on your behalf.