Bad Credit Rent to Own House Assistance Program

Have Bad Credit or No Credit? Looking at Rent to Own Homes? There’s A House Assistance Program to Help

A superior house assistance program, called the Home Ownership Program, is available. For sure, renters and home buyers can take advantage of renting and rent to own arrangements – even if bad credit is a problem.

A Word About the “Bad Credit Mindset”

Indeed, I’ve spoken to many renters over the years. It never ceases to amaze me that many of them have said, “I don’t care about my credit! I just want to get into a house.” Well, for starters, if renters want to eventually own a house – especially via a rent-to-own arrangement, credit better matter – A LOT. Here’s why:

  • No doubt, landlords view taking bad credit renters’ chances of eviction are skyrocketing high.
  • Also, landlords charge more move-in costs to offset bad credit (sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars more). Sometimes, this can equal a substantial down payment on purchasing a house.
  • Even more costly, landlords charge more in payments to cover the risk of a future eviction ($100 – $300 per month).
  • And, in the final analysis, renters can spend hundreds of dollars on credit checks to get into a house. Crazy, but I’ve witnessed renters spend hundreds of dollars on background checks. What’s worse, renters waste valuable move-in funds on wasted credit checks. But, it doesn’t end there. The credit checks come back as “hard inquiries” lowering credit scores, even more, making those same renters an even higher risk.
  • Of equal consideration is this principle: Having bad credit comes with the high cost of being a default risk.

How A House Assistance Program Can Help Renters with Bad Credit Seeking Rent to Own Homes

True, addressing bad credit or no credit can lower the costs of any rent to own arrangement. The higher the scores, the better the chance of lease approval.

Absolutely, the right choice is to everything that you can do to better manage your credit. You can take the following actions immediately:

  1. Open up new lines of credit such as a rebuild credit card (Especially if you have bad credit or no credit).
  2. Get help to dispute bad credit (particularly, obsolete, outdated, unverifiable data).
  3. If necessary, settle bad debt using a check with a restrictive endorsement along with a bad credit deletion clause.

As a matter of fact, Home Sweet Home specializes in these areas of expertise. Furthermore, assistance in helping renters find a rent to own home is part of the program. Best results come from using real estate professionals to locate housing. As extra bolstering, Home Sweet Home uses an affidavit stating that a renter is enrolled in the Home Ownership Program (with regard to credit counseling and financial advising).

Getting Started with Rent to Own

Just call Home Sweet Home directly or enroll online – $100 to start the Home Ownership Program.


Michael Hathman

Co-Director Home Sweet Home

(636) 209-HOME