Certainly, Home Sweet Home can help you find a buyer’s real estate agent. Indeed, we currently have relationships with good buyer’s agents. For sure, all of the buyer’s agents we refer are active member’s of our real estate agent network. In fact, most have 4-5 star ratings via Zillow and Realtor.com. If you need help with home loan qualification, we can help! Again, Home Sweet Home can help you find a buyer’s real estate agent referral ANYWHERE IN THE USA. Simply complete the form below:

Consult A Loan Officer First Before Searching for A Home

Absolutely, you should make sure you speak to a loan officer before doing a house search. No doubt, Home Sweet Home will also refer you to a loan officer who is also part of our real estate referral network. They will have to make an assessment of your credit. Too, down payment will also need to be discussed. Finally, there are many different loan products. You’ll need to find a loan that best fits your needs.

How to Find A Buyer’s Real Estate Agent to Buy A Home

Of course, once Home Sweet Home connects you to a buyer’s agent, you’ll need to sign an exclusive contract with a real estate agent. Obviously, this will make your agent an exclusive buyers agent. This means that you’ll be working with a single buyer’s agent. Consequently, it will make your search easier staying in contact with one agent. After all, they all use the same multi listing system.

More About How to Find A Real Estate Agent

Once Home Sweet Home finds you a buyer’s real estate agent, our team will forward you their contact information. For sure, check your email inbox and spam folder to make sure you get their information. Also, our staff at Home Sweet Home may call you to discuss your case. Absolutely, we’ll make sure we discuss various issues to make sure all goes smoothly. If there are any issues, we’ll address those too.

Next, if there are no issues, we’ll also forward you the information you will need for the loan officer as well. Again, it’s important you check your email inbox and spam folders for this contact information.

Too, we will forward your contact information to the buyer’s real estate agent and loan officer. In this way, all of you will have each other’s contact information. Importantly, all three of you will need to coordinate your transaction.

find a buyer's real estate agent

More About How to Find A Buyer’s Agent

Absolutely, Home Sweet Home is dedicated to our buyers having a good experience in their home search. We’ll even walk you through the process on how to hire a buyer’s agent. All in all, the key is to understand the process of home buying. Surely, it’s not just about how to find a buyer’s agent. It’s about how to buy a house too.

How Does the Buyer’s Agent Make Money?

In any event, the buyers agent salary is normally paid as a commission. Typically, the commission is always paid from the proceeds of a home sale. Together with the commission, there may be some other buyer agent fees as well. In a word, these may be extra compensation such as a “retainer” for services or a per-showing fee. In many cases, this is not usually the case but it does exist.

Buyer Agent Duties

So, what does a buyers agent do? Equally important, buyer agent duties are normally specified by a state’s real estate commission. Obviously, this means helping buyers find the right home. Of course, this means also doing their job in compliance with the Fair Housing Act of 1968 (“FHA”) and the Real Estate Settlement Practices Act (“RESPA”). Respectively speaking, the FHA outlaws housing discrimination while RESPA outlaws “kickbacks” from loan officer to real estate agent and vice verse.

Also, walking buyers through the property is important. However, with the onset of COVID-19, the agent should try to do virtual showings. As well, agents should submit and help negotiate those offers with the sellers. Correspondingly, a buyer agent should refer reputable home inspectors and appraisers.

Not to mention, a good buyer’s agent also educates their clients on the home buying process. To be sure, a buyer’s agent should be an expert. But, the agent may not know everything. By the same token, they should make an effort to find out important information the buyer needs to know.

Do I Need A Buyers Agent?

Do I need a buyers agent? Good question. Honestly, if you are a first time home buyer, it would be wise to get a buyers agent. On the other hand, if you’ve been buying and selling homes on a regular basis, a buyers agent may not make as much sense. However, many buyers agents are so good at their craft, a buyers agent could save you a lot of money down the road.

Some people ask, “Are buyers agents free?” The answer is no. Again, the buyers agents get paid out of the proceeds of a home sale. These terms are part of the listing contract signed between the listing real estate agent or broker and the seller.

In Conclusion

Having a personal referral to find a good home search agent is the best kind of referral. It beats the impersonal search of websites to find an agent A personal touch matters. Having a personal referral is always more desirable. Sure, a website rating is one thing. Personal referral communication is the best. You don’t have to be alone in finding the right agent. Let Home Sweet Home help you find the right agent and right loan officer FAST!