Guarantee Policy. Although Home Sweet Home is not a credit repair organization as defined under the Credit Repair Organizations Act, it is important to understand there are no guarantees involved with real estate, credit repair, or legal services. For example, in matters of law, an attorney could never guarantee a client a judge or jury will rule in their client’s favor. Likewise, no lender or real estate agent can legally guarantee a client a loan approval or acceptance of a housing contract. Offering such a guarantee would be highly unethical. Therefore, Home Sweet Home cannot offer a guarantee (implied or express) of success as there are too many variables outside the control of Home Sweet Home. Individual results vary from case-to-case depending on employment, income, health and several other extraneous factors. Individual results will vary from case-to-case. It is the policy of Home Sweet Home staff to refrain from making any kind of guarantee of performance other than to guarantee we shall make every good faith effort to help our clients reach the goal of home loan financing and homeownership.

Credit Guarantee Policy. In addition, any credit repair company that guarantees success is not being honest. It is important to be wary of any credit repair company that guarantees "good credit in 30-60-90 or even 120 days" or promises to “raise your credit score by a such-and-such amount”. Not only is it unethical (but also illegal) to guarantee results for credit repair. Furthermore, it is also impossible to predict the actions of your creditors or credit bureaus. Individual results will vary from case-to-case. Home Sweet Home cannot make a credit guarantee with regard to our services.

Cancellation Policy. This policy is pursuant to certain federal and state laws. If a client decides to cancel, the client may do so by submitting a written statement of cancellation in order to discontinue the Home Ownership Program installment plan. Cancellation of the Home Ownership Program after services are rendered, full or in part, may be eligible to a refund pursuant to the “Refund-Money Money Back Guarantee Policy ”. Home Sweet Home does not offer its services free of charge.

Refund-Money Back Guarantee Policy. This policy is pursuant to certain federal and state laws. Home Sweet Home does offer a Refund-Money Back Guarantee as provided by applicable law or in the event where no improvement in credit has occurred with regard to the client’s credit within 6 months. “Improvement” is defined as the deletion of obsolete personal information; deletion of derogatory financial information; the establishment of new lines of credit (such as credit card accounts); and/or the positive increase in any of the 3 credit scores. Derogatory information added to a client’s credit report (after the client is enrolled) is the responsibility of the client and is not an eligible reason for a refund. Also, if a customer does not follow the instructions as provided by Home Sweet Home personnel nor answers Home Sweet Home staff questions in order to move forward and make progress on the client's file, then client is not eligible for a refund as our time has already been invested and payment has been earned.